29 November 2006


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i'm way behind the game with this, but here's the newest 'official' nobot media bit, released as part of sherbert magainze issue 6; personal space... the excerpt from the sherbert site is below.

site + online store

- The wait is officially over, SHERBERT Magazine issue 6 is now available in our online store! We are very excited to have this issue finished and ready for everyone to see. We did a lot of new things with this issue, for example we increased the page count by almost 20 pages to 64, we switched to a "perfect bound" spine (this allows the magazine to lay flat and eliminates the need for staples) and our covers have been printed in metallic ink with our print goccu in our basement studio. We also have the usual theme inspired extras, a mix CD from Nobot media, a design it yourself postcard from Smiling Disease, a custom typeface designed by Luke Prowse, and pages and pages of awesome art, photography and writing. Go to our online store and pick up your copy today. Actually you might want to pick up 2 just in case....

here's the tracklist from discogs.com

- Clocks Ticking Backward - Concrete Dildos
- Scaffolding - Droid
- Cacheflowe - A Dreary Flight Over The Datascape
- Equulei - It Gets To Me
- Wayne Winters - Unomomento
- Advection - A Feeling
- George & Caplin - Fields Talk
- Scaffolding - Lullaby Featuring - Sarina Simoom
- Equulei - Devil In The Details Featuring - Pete Wall
- South Sherman - Strongarm
- Supper Club For One - Diminished Fifth
- Cacheflowe - Automate Everything
- Scaffolding - Filter
- Equulei - Circular Reference
- Equulei - Post Scope Abbreviation (Unlisted)
- Equulei - Soiaswh (Unlisted)

this cd is so last year