25 May 2008

you are ordered to accompany us to the absorption chamber

absorb and the first take of left of us are live in the virb player. soon to come is tiny missles and iamyourliberator remix.

visit us on virb.com

19 May 2008

Old Mix Available for DL

After a couple requests, i have posted an old practice mix that can be DL'ed off divshare. Let me know if you have any trouble getting it. the mix is lo-fi, and mostly older tracks but is a decent representation of east and west sounds from about1-2 years ago. It was recorded just prior to the frequencee mind control show with exillon from spring of 2007, so if you attended that show it is pretty much the same set i played there.



PS - I'll bug Budros about putting a bunch of our latest material up on the Virb page, as well.

12 May 2008

DMinus in tha House

Whew! after about a year and a half i finally get to post on my own damn blog! Anyhow its nice to be able to do every once in awhile. No updates of particular note. Go check out 15:28, James has some occasional shows in Equulei East. And if he moves to Seattle like he's been talking, all of a sudden us here in Denver will be Equulei East. crazy how the world turns.

Don't be strangers, we really do still write tons of new material, so swoon us and put us on your billing.

End of line.