04 November 2008

Textiles Year-End Shows

Hello to all, and thanks for the few familiar faces at Herb's the other night.

A quick plug for my side project with the Textiles project and Pete Wall (aka Sideshow Pete):

We have a show on November 22nd to close out the Denver Film Festival. It is a private party, but there are limited options to get a few folks in or I can direct you to the place to get Festival tickets (or use Google). anyone who has attended at least one night of the festival will be allowed in with proof. Super secret celebrity guests every year if you are into that kinda thing.

And also the New Year's Eve show we do every year pretty much - this time at the Curtis Hotel thrown by god only knows who. I'll get more details, but we have a stage to ourselves all night. Come get your ball drop on.

If not familiar with Textiles, you can check out petewall.com or the myspace page - it consists of myself on laptop and dj tools, various electronica, providing backing beats, live saxophone, flute, keyboards, and percussion, and occasional rotating guests (on everything from turntablism to guitar to upright bass to sitar). a great, unique, acid jazzy sound. Occasional covers, and when Pete is drunk enough, he even tries to rap....

Would love to see some of you there.