04 November 2008

Textiles Year-End Shows

Hello to all, and thanks for the few familiar faces at Herb's the other night.

A quick plug for my side project with the Textiles project and Pete Wall (aka Sideshow Pete):

We have a show on November 22nd to close out the Denver Film Festival. It is a private party, but there are limited options to get a few folks in or I can direct you to the place to get Festival tickets (or use Google). anyone who has attended at least one night of the festival will be allowed in with proof. Super secret celebrity guests every year if you are into that kinda thing.

And also the New Year's Eve show we do every year pretty much - this time at the Curtis Hotel thrown by god only knows who. I'll get more details, but we have a stage to ourselves all night. Come get your ball drop on.

If not familiar with Textiles, you can check out petewall.com or the myspace page - it consists of myself on laptop and dj tools, various electronica, providing backing beats, live saxophone, flute, keyboards, and percussion, and occasional rotating guests (on everything from turntablism to guitar to upright bass to sitar). a great, unique, acid jazzy sound. Occasional covers, and when Pete is drunk enough, he even tries to rap....

Would love to see some of you there.

27 October 2008


that's right, a live appearance. show up and show support. maybe the last time in 2008!

eq in the westword

02 October 2008

Remix Madness

Over the summer we've had quite a bit of movement on some various remix projects.

First is a remix of a George & Caplin track called "Highway Driveway" - this is slated for a release on the Plastic Sound Supply label. You can find a link to their website in our links section. It's an older remix but many will probably be hearing it for the first time. I'm not clear what else will be included on the release, but I bet their website will tell you more. A fun fact: the George crew gave us the broken-out pieces of the track and we did the entire remix before ever hearing the original. The result was an interesting version that i believe is even in a different key. Definitely intending to do that in the future for other remixes - it was a unique way to stay "uncorrupted" from trying to make it sound like the original.

Second is a remix of the Sound Logic track called "Sage Advice" - this one is going to be a digital release if I understand correctly, and we'll add links to it at some point when its made official. Our friends over at Dorje are the culprits.

Third is a remix of an old Equulei track. We did this just for the hell of it; there is no release save for maybe throwing it up on the Virb player to enjoy at your leisure. We worked on it because why not? thats why.... Track is an older one called "Your Time Is Up" - written way back in 2000 i think and I was waxing sentimental about Equulei's tenth anniversary. Yes, we're that old.

To let you reminisce along with us, I bought our very first piece of gear in November 1997 I believe, the Korg Prophecy at a Denver shop i wish had not gone away (Keyboard Exchange). That was followed shortly thereafter by a PC with Cubase, a Lexicon soundcard with reverb chips built-in, and the Kurzweil. The fun times began in earnest in 1998 when we started spitting out a few tracks and trying to get some gigs. So to bring this back around to the theme, I went back to the archives to find a track that we actually hadn't effed up too bad and we still had a lot of the source material laying around. That happened to be this song. the remixed version is called "Your Time is Still Up."

Enjoy, and thanks!

21 June 2008

Sub Dot Mission July 4

Hey all, believe it or not we actually have a show upcoming! Yes, we still make and perform music. Lots and lots of new tunes to roll out, in fact.

Anyway we will be playing for the ongoing recurring Sub.Mission in the basement of Club Vinyl. Closing set, 1230-2a or sometime thereabouts. Trying to return to some old school Equulei flavor, we'll be breaking out the ambient interludes, whacky samples, Prophecy, Speak & Spell, and other fun tools of the trade.

So go watch you some fireworks, and then come hear some.

25 May 2008

you are ordered to accompany us to the absorption chamber

absorb and the first take of left of us are live in the virb player. soon to come is tiny missles and iamyourliberator remix.

visit us on virb.com

19 May 2008

Old Mix Available for DL

After a couple requests, i have posted an old practice mix that can be DL'ed off divshare. Let me know if you have any trouble getting it. the mix is lo-fi, and mostly older tracks but is a decent representation of east and west sounds from about1-2 years ago. It was recorded just prior to the frequencee mind control show with exillon from spring of 2007, so if you attended that show it is pretty much the same set i played there.



PS - I'll bug Budros about putting a bunch of our latest material up on the Virb page, as well.

12 May 2008

DMinus in tha House

Whew! after about a year and a half i finally get to post on my own damn blog! Anyhow its nice to be able to do every once in awhile. No updates of particular note. Go check out 15:28, James has some occasional shows in Equulei East. And if he moves to Seattle like he's been talking, all of a sudden us here in Denver will be Equulei East. crazy how the world turns.

Don't be strangers, we really do still write tons of new material, so swoon us and put us on your billing.

End of line.

09 March 2008

the ills of march

a few new tunes have been uploaded to the player on our virb page. i've also included the link here to the lowbot page there, a collaboration between budros, ron raygunn, and the always excellent rumblejunkie. additional equulei productions in the works in the nobot studio, and remixes in progress for the forthcoming sub.mission label. keep your ears peeled.

01 March 2008

plastic sound supply

nobot alumnus cacheflowe, wayne winters, and scaffolding have been well busy as of late, launching the mighty pss and throwing an unbelievably spectacular launch party featuring merck record's machinedrum. absolutely blazing show with hands down the best laptop electronics denver has to offer. preview here and grab the mp3s at beatport

and sorry, i'm too stupid with teh codez to get the width right, but you can still jam.

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