24 January 2012

Obligatory 2012 Opener

Since we seem to be averaging about 1-2 posts per year these days, below is a series of links to some recent tracks we've been working on, most in conjunction with a guitarist buddy of mine. Enjoy!




19 March 2011

More Multicast Collaborations

davealex has been busy this morning uploading after a multi-hour surround jam session at the larkspur facility a few weeks back. take a listen;

EquuiCast - Arab-Circus by davealex

EquuiCast - Arabesque by davealex

EquuiCast - Blues by davealex

EquuiCast - Voice Activated Computer by davealex

Multicast vs Equulei Surround @ Pathways Evolution

Hey Denver/Boulder electronic music fans, listen up! Multicast and Equulei, two of Denver’s pioneering electronic-based bands, are performing together for a 6-channel surround show at The Other Side Arts. This is part of the Pathways: Evolution series.

Pathways: Evolution
The Other Side Arts
March 25th, 2011 6pm – midnight
1644 Platte Street, Denver

This will be a show you don’t want to miss!!!

Need a demo of what kind of music to expect? Check out a couple of pieces that Equulei and Multicast put together at the Larkspur Surround Facility last month!

EquuiCast Dub by davealex

Equuicast - This Is Who We R by davealex

09 January 2011

Experimental Dance Breaks 36

stream the whole thing, download free mp3s, and purchase via Plastic Sound Supply:


01. Rumblejunkie - Wiggleworm
02. Movax - Fragment
03. Equulei - My Modem Can Beat Up Your Modem
04. Iuengliss - Jungbeats
05. Dicrylium - Will Build A New World With His Giant Mech
06. Ale Fillman & MNUVR - Wobble Head
07. CacheFlowe - Crunch Dub VIP
08. ((Diverse)) & Seied - Fullmelt
09. Alert - Going Dumb
10. Honduras - Tristeza Mi Amor
11. Zeno - Zenodelic
12. Drop Logik - Absolute Bowns
13. Ten & Tracer - Panta Rhea
14. C.DB.SN - 4Amcatattaq
15. Scaffolding - Car Song
16. Drop Logik - Get! Get! (CacheFlowe Remix)

Online Reviews;
The Onion


A new digital download EP from Brap Dem! Recordings

Label Brap Dem! Recordings
Cat number BRAPD006
Format Digital Download EP
Release date Jan 11th, 2011

COSMETICS are UFO & SON!KA hailing from San Francisco and Costa Rica. Their brand of bass music skims FUNKY, DUBSTEP, GARAGE, and DRUM & BASS. BUDROS GALI is a producer and DJ from Denver who is part of the pioneering SUB.MISSION crew. These 3 have combined to create a unique 2 track EP called ODD MOUSE.

LEFT CLICK showcases heavy upfront Latin percussion with pads and sweeps drawing in the listener to deeper rhythms. Minimal synth hooks provide an easy going and sexy feel. Clocking in at 135 bpm LEFT CLICK can go north or south in mixing tempo playable both with FUNKY and DUBSTEP.

RIGHT CLICK is a harder percussion driven tune with lazer, rave, bursts that make the track drive harder but still keep its classy funky composure with a tropical vibe.

Be sure to also check out the solo UFO! EP REVELATIONS also out 1/11/11


01 September 2010

15 August 2010

Two Things

FIRST THING - Upcoming Performances:

8/28/2010 - Full Moon - the legendary MESS show - at Rancho del Rio this year. go here for more info: http://heartheearth.org or go here to get directions: http://www.campoutforthecause.org/?page_id=100

9/23/2010 - Digital nature at the Denver Botanic Gardens - visit their website for details.

SECOND THING - Recent Materials

A DJ mix from our resident artificial intelligence master: http://www.mediafire.com/?k9y6c9acff6c6ou - Colossus has decided that it likes funk and soul tunes. furtehr evidence that it has gained consciousness
A recent mix of equulei tunes: http://www.mediafire.com/?twyy0zg52lj - enjoy both

/Two Things

26 June 2010

10 May 2010

5/21-5/22 Pathways: Mind, Body, Spirit

Fri 6pm-12am: opening reception
music by:
Stephen Ganser

Event location: DCCS Denver Creative Co-op Studios
425 Lincoln St. Denver, CO