29 November 2006

fifteen hours twenty eight minutes

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well, it's official; the long awaited (for us anyway) equulei 12" on dorje records is coming. i'm not going to promise a date though, because i really don't know... and i hate to disappoint. anyhow; here's some details following a recent sit-down with dminus and myself to finalize track details;

15 hours 28 minutes
a1 younger dryas
a2 telos
b1 sciatia
b2 careless

a side w/p budros gali vs dminus
b side w/p beta c/o eastern empire


from the dorje website:
dorje-005 Equulei - "TBA" will be released Summer 2006! Denver's hardest working knob twisters get their own color 12" featuring insert artwork by Snowblinded

hindsight is 50/50