19 August 2007

sleepers never hate

things have been quiet on the equulei front. left a message for brooke, no word back. need to get he and i out of the corporate environment for a minute and back on the buttons. played mob logic on dank dealz yesterday, awesome response. i thought we were doing a 12" with dorje, but something's held up and i haven't checked.

i had better do that.

heard something about a beta-equulei mp3 album, still nothing. in the meantime, here's a link to soaringbrain.com, where beta keeps his activities journaled in a less than linear fashion. there was an mp3 mix up there somtime recently, i thought.

though, i couldn't find the link so you get to search.

heard some rumblings about cacheflowe & scaffolding doing a new label project called plastic sound supply, but shhhhh!!!

don't tell anybody 'cause i think it's a secret.

dank dealz on dubstep.fm, sub.mission, and any associated debauchery continues to occupy my time, as well as turbo's marathon dnb radio show, time served, every thursday night at 7pm mdt (gmt -7). tune in for turbo roullette.

do some digging and rock some podcasts.

most of the monkey crew are off to black rock city week after next, alongside our man jweade with the moonbass camp, who's relocating from our neck of the woods out to oregon to build domes and live the good life.

safe travels